About us

Israel Cyprus Chamber of Commerce was founded in 2003 by Mr Gad Yardeni Adv who serves as president of  the chamber  from 2003 until today Vice President: Mr. Leon Amiras Adv and the general manager Mr Eran Cohen CPA Our goal is to promote trade relations between Israel and Cyprus and to respond to Israeli businessmen who want to develop their trade relations in Cyprus and also to help the Cypriot businesses to make cooperation in Israel.

We were founded in 2007 in order to bridge the business communications between Israeli and Cypriot buisness’.

    Board Members

  • Gad Yardeni Adv

    Vice President of the Israel Cyprus Chamber of Commerce

  • Leon Amiras Adv

    President of the Israel – Cyprus Chamber of Commerce

  • Eran Cohen, CPA

    CEO of the Chamber of Commerce from 2014 until today

    E-mail : info@israel-cyprus.com
    Phone : 73-743-2220 (972+)
  • Gaston Saidman

    Board member

  • Nir Amihai Adv

    Board member

  • Chaim Cohen Cpa

    Member of the Audit Committee

  • Amit Cohen Adv

    Board member

  • Yaniv Habari Adv

    Representative of the Chamber in Cyprus
    E-mail : info@israel-cyprus.co.il
    Phone : 972-73-7432220
  • David Elkayam

    Board Member

    E-mail : info@israel-cyprus.co.il
    Phone : 972-54991633